Is it healthy to run in the morning or at night?

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Running is considered one of the most healthy sports in the world. It integrates weight loss, shaping, and stress release. It is the most common sports of all ages.

There are no restrictions on time and place for running. Some exercise in the morning and some exercise in the evening, but there are certain differences in exercise at different time periods.

Which is better, morning run or evening run?

Benefits of morning jog

Weight loss: Compared with night running, morning running has a better weight loss effect. This is because the blood sugar level in the human body is lower after the early stage, and the body will not be able to supply energy in the future, so it is easier to convert fat into energy, which is burning The stage where the fat effect is better.

Improve metabolism: Running can regulate the metabolic rate, especially running in the morning can make the day full of energy. Because the metabolism can maintain a high level for a long time after the morning jog, the fat burning effect is better.

Is it healthy to run in the morning or at night?

Benefits of running at night

Promote sleep: Running at night can release a day's energy, the body can easily adapt to the rhythm of exercise, and exercise at night will also produce a sense of fatigue, soaking in a hot bath after exercise can also help improve sleep quality.

Good environment: the morning is the highest carbon dioxide concentration of the day. If you come out for a run too early, the air quality is not good, so you must wait for the sun to come out before running.

Avoid thrombosis: The blood in the morning is more viscous than other time periods, and it is easy to induce or aggravate thrombosis. At night, the number of platelets in the blood is relatively reduced. Running at this time can be avoided.

In fact, whether it is running at night or running in the morning, it is not absolutely beneficial. It has its advantages and disadvantages. If the quality of sleep is not good, you can choose to run at night two hours before going to bed. Don't get too close to the sleep time, the brain will be too much. Excitement affects sleep instead; if the work pressure is high during the day, you can choose ample time at night to release the pressure of the day. If you want to lose weight or stay active for the day, you can choose to run in the morning, but be careful not too early.

What should I pay attention to when running?

If you don’t pay attention to running, it will cause harm to your body. So what should you pay attention to when running?

·Warm up before running

Before running, be prepared to warm up, feel the heat and body temperature of the joints rise, especially for the knees and ankles to stretch more.

·Master the correct posture

You must master the correct posture to reduce knee damage. After starting a run, your arms must be bent to ninety degrees, the back of the thighs must be fully beneficial, and the abdominal muscles must be in a tense state, but when landing Be gentle and relax.

·Don’t force yourself

Don't force yourself to run. For female athletes, don't run during their menstrual period, and don't run when you don't want to run, so as not to harm your body.

·Step by step

Running must be carried out step by step. Do not pursue running speed and length. You can increase it when your body gradually adapts.

·Stretching after running

Also pay attention to stretching after running, the calf and the front of the thigh must be stretched in place.

Although running is an easy exercise to achieve, you still need to pay attention to various details, so that you can make running a positive effect.

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