How to prevent prostatitis? The risk of prostatitis in men

Men Health 08-22

Although prostatitis and premature ejaculation are both male diseases, these two are not the same. However, recent expert studies have shown that prostatitis can be said to be a major cause of premature ejaculation. Next, let’s learn how to prevent it with 360 common sense network. prostatitis? The harm of men's prostatitis!

How to prevent prostatitis? The risk of prostatitis in men

How to prevent prostatitis?

1. Life must be regular

A regular life is very important to the health of our human body. Studies have shown that people who often sleep upside down or at night are three times more likely to cause prostatitis, because every night or sleep upside down It is an intrusion to the metabolism of the human body.

2. No spicy food

Although our eating spicy food is not a direct cause of prostatitis, when we eat spicy food, it will stimulate our prostate and urethra, which will stimulate the perineum to a certain extent, thereby making the prostate immune Loss of strength, infection of bacteria.

3. Sit as soon as possible

Sitting for a long time will make our body's center of gravity become the prostate itself, which will cause the prostate to be compressed to a certain extent, which will cause the blood to be blocked. Over time, it will directly reduce the prostate resistance and cause inflammation.

4. Cycling soon

Cycling can be said to be a very healthy exercise, but if a man rides a bicycle for a long time, it will also harm the prostate. Because when riding, the prostate will be compressed by the pad and the center of gravity of the body, and the body is prone to heat during exercise, and its ability to dissipate heat will also decrease, which will increase the temperature of the prostate and damage the prostate.

5. Don't wear tight underwear

Tight underwear wraps all the private parts of a man tightly, which will not only prevent the temperature of the perineum from dissipating in time, but also keep the prostate under pressure.

6, do not hold back urine

If you hold back your urine, your bladder will be filled with urine, which will compress prostatitis, and sometimes the urine will flow backwards, which will flow to the prostate and cause prostatitis.

7. Maintain regular sex life

When men have irregular sex life, prostatitis is also likely to occur. For example, interruption of sex life or too frequent conditions will directly lead to prostate congestion.

The dangers of men's prostatitis

1. Prone to tumors

There is a statistically significant relationship between the incidence of prostate and gonorrhea, which suggests that the etiology of prostate cancer is related to viral venereal diseases and chronic infections. New research shows that normal human prostate fluid contains an anti-cancer substance, which is of great significance for suppressing tumors. When the prostate is diseased, this anti-cancer substance decreases, which can easily cause tumors.

2. Affect the work and life of patients

Due to the stimulation of inflammation, a series of symptoms are produced, such as swelling and pain in the lumbosacral, perineum, testis and other parts, dirty urination, and frequent nocturia, which make the patient irritable and affect work and life.

3. Influencing sexual function

As the disease has not been cured for a long time, various symptoms and discomforts aggravate after sexual intercourse, or directly affect the feeling and quality of sexual life, causing a malignant stimulus to the patient, and gradually a sense of disgust, leading to impotence, premature ejaculation and other phenomena.

4. Affect fertility

Long-term chronic inflammation changes the composition of the prostate fluid and affects the secretion function of the prostate, which in turn affects the liquefaction time of the semen, and decreases the sperm motility, which can lead to male infertility.

5. Lead to chronic nephritis

If prostatitis is not treated in time, it can lead to prostatic hyperplasia, compress the bladder outlet, make the urine can not be completely empty, and there will be residual urine. Residual urine is a good culture medium for bacterial growth. In addition to the damage of the bladder mucosal defense mechanism, it is very easy to cause urinary tract infections such as pyelonephritis. At this time, if the treatment is not complete, it will develop from pyelonephritis and hydronephritis to nephritis. , Later developed into uremia.

6. Lead to endocrine disorders

Under normal circumstances, the prostate can secrete a variety of active substances. Due to inflammation of the prostate and endocrine disorders, it can cause neurasthenia, resulting in mental abnormalities, insomnia, fatigue, dizziness, slow thinking, and memory loss.

7. Infecting spouse causes gynecological inflammation

Prostatitis can be transmitted to the wife, especially the prostatitis caused by some special bacteria infection, the inflammation can be transmitted to the wife through sexual intercourse. Such as fungal prostatitis, trichomonal prostatitis, gonorrhea prostatitis, non-gonococcal prostatitis and so on.

8. Easy to cause infection

The human prostate contains an antibacterial substance called prostate antibacterial factor. When the prostate is inflamed, this antibacterial factor is reduced, so it is easy to cause infection. Infections caused by prostatitis can lead to acute urinary retention, acute seminal vesiculitis or epididymitis, vas deferens, swelling or tenderness of spermatic lymph nodes, etc. In severe cases, groin pain or renal colic can occur.

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